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    Tuesday, December 2, 2014

    Days 2-8:

    I'm a little behind on posting, but I'm going strong on my 365 project!  Many days, particularly days I work, I have only had time for iPhone photos.  Some of them aren't artistic or even all that exciting. That's ok though.  I want to capture my life...the boring days along with the fun and exciting ones.  I decided to do a theme for the holidays.  November photos are all things that I am thankful for, and along those same lines, December photos are things that bring me joy.

    Day 8: My water-loving kitty

    Day 7: Down time at work

    Day 6: Big green eyes

    Day 5: Freezing cold (26 degrees!) fall football

    Day 4: A husband who wakes up early on his day off to make me breakfast before work (and then pretends like he's going to eat them all)

    Day 3: Lazy Saturday mornings

    Day 2: A job I really enjoy

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